Living in Athens as an expat. The city is vibrating. People all over the place from far north to the southern areas.

An undoutable think about Athens is that you have to have time to get to know the city. And another one is that you need to know how the locals live.

Online supermarket is a huge time saver and can help in organizing your life better as an expat.

  1. You no longer need to leave your home and loose time in supermarket
  2. You can place your order at any time from any place
  3. You can create shopping lists and see anytime what to add to your shopping cart in order to have your house fully organised.
  4. You can pay online or cash.

I am using and so far i love their services. It is very important to know that you can get your delivery even same day (if you order before 5pm, you usually have the same day option.

The supermarket accpets payments via credit card, cash or even PayPal which is extremely convinient.

The delivery time slots have a 2 hour time span in daily basis and you can get your delivery even at 10.30 pm at your doorstep.

On the cons side, there are often missing products (or out of stock) but in general the variety and prices are very good. Delivery comes at a small cost – an exatr charge on top of your shopping cart value – but if the totall ammount exceeds 55 euro the delivery fee is fully waived.

Visit E-Fresh online supermarket.

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