[:en]Online Supermarket in Athens for Expats[:]



Welcome dear expat! And welcome to living like an expat…in Athens!


Myriads of things await in this vibriting city, practically begging you to discover. Not to mention that five million people reside in this beautiful melting pot, stretched from the far northern to the southern suburbs and across. Five M i l l i o n!


Wonderful opportunities to meet and greet new people into your life… unless…!


…you quickly need to pop into the supermarket to get your daily, or god forbid – weekly groceries done! Then, the aforementioned number is anything but appealing…


BUT, do not fret, Expat! There’s a solution in store for you and no number of people, or occasional torrential rain will stop you from seeing to your business of grocery shopping!


Not only will you be able to save precious time, but you will also barely need to lift a finger! Well, truth be told, that is exactly what you’ll have to do! Lift your finger(s) and type e-fresh.gr into you search engine and voila! Start shopping!