[:en]A Different SEO[:]

[:en]SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it is optimizing a website in order for Google and other search engines to rank it for specific queries. It is highly competitive. It is costly. There is no guarantee. Even if companies follow all advice regarding SEO, chances are that they will not rank. If you sell shoes, and people search for “shoes” it is highly possible that you will not appear in the top results.

However, there is one keyword for which you can easily rank top on Google. And that keyword is your brand. In terms of SEO this is success. If people search for your brand instead of what you are doing / selling, you will rank high.

If companies do something exceptional and unique, they will start becoming KEYWORDS.Their name will be the keyword that people search for. And for this KEYWORD they will rank top on search engines.

Apart from trying to rank for other keywords, try to make more people search for your name and get that SEO traffic.