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How to setup a free email notifications when you have a new lead on Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook leads is a great tool which can be used not only for capturing emails but for various other reasons as well. On this blog post i will analyze how to setup a free email notification when you have a new lead on Facebook Lead Ads.


However, Lead Ads have a major drawback. They do not trigger any notification when a new lead has been added to the Form. The only way for the Facebook Page Manager or Advertise to see the leads, is to go to Publishing Settings > Form Leads and then download the entries in CVS or XLS format.


This could work for campaigns aiming to gather emails but when Lead Ads are used for more complex and time sensitive marketing objectives, the lack of notification is a major problem.


For example, let’s say that a restaurant needs to use Facebook Lead Ads to accept Table reservations directly through the Ad.


The scenario is as follows: Users sees the Facebook Lead Ad, they Click to Open and a Lead Form is right there for them to enter name, email, phone, date and time for the desired table.


Reservation has been made.


The problem is what happens next. How can the restaurant owner be notified?


Facebook is not providing any solution to this. As mentioned before, the only way to see the leads (in that case the reservations) is to download the CSV or XLS file.


There are some 3rd party services that provide this kind of integration. One of them is Zapier – another one is automation.io and a 3rd one is LeadCap.com.


All 3 services have something in common. They require Paid or Premium plans to offer the service. Prices range from 8 to 12 USD per month.


To have an email notification when a new lead is added to the Facebook Form through Lead Ads, and have this notification for FREE you need to combine two different services.


  1. https://app.wyzebulb.com/
  2. Zapier.com


The strategy is as follows.


You are using the first service https://app.wyzebulb.com/ to instantly move your Leads from Facebook to a Google Sheet. When someone fills in the form on your Ad (or makes a reservation) a new entry on a predefined Google Sheet is generated.


Thus, each time someone reserves a table, all data are instantly transferred to the Google Sheets.


Next, you need Zapier to trigger a notification through email when a change has been made on your Google sheet. When the reservation is transferred from Facebook to Google Sheets and the new row is generated, a new email is sent to your email to notify you for the change in your Google Sheet (the addition of the new row representing the new table reservation).


Facebook Ads Lead > Google Sheets > Email


Both services (https://app.wyzebulb.com/ and zapier)  are FREE so the system described above is free.